Eco-Center Burnaby

Completed 2014


Project Manager: Vince Knudsen while at Francl Architecture.

The Still Creek Works Yard and Recycling / Green Waste Depot sits in a 12.5 acre site bisected by the recently completed Still Creek connector road. The facility is operated by the City’s Engineering and the Parks Departments serving both public and City functions. The North portion of the site contains the new Recycling / Green Waste Depot. The south portion of the site is occupied by the Works Yard, the Engineering, Sanitation, Traffic, Streets, & Parks Department. Operations Centre, Grass Crews and Janitorial functions.

Beyond fulfilling the City’s operational requirements, The Recycling / Green Waste Depot has demonstrated a commitment for sustainability and environmental excellence. The building and site design has achieved the City’s objectives of:

  • A facility of Environmental Excellence conveying the City’s commitment to environmentally responsible infrastructure.
  • Raises the profile of the City’s zero waste initiatives, promotes community participation and encourages environmental stewardship.
  • Encourages the use of recycled materials.
  • The main operations building was designed to LEED Gold standards.
  • Integrated with adjacent development in the Still Creek business area.
  • Accommodates the logistical requirements of the various City departments.
  • Promotes transportation alternatives.
  • Addressed existing site challenges, such as geotechnical conditions, storm water management and flood proofing requirements, using innovative methods in line with the City’s sustainability objectives.
  • The project forms part of an overall redevelopment of lands to provide new municipal operations facilities for the City of Burnaby, including a Recycling & Green Waste Depot; and a Municipal Works Yard for Engineering-Sanitation and Parks Operations. The overall project encompasses 3.5 ha of lands on both the north and south side of the new Still Creek Drive connector.

IMG_1561.JPGThe North Site development provides the new municipal Green Waste and Recycling depot. This facility is the point of service contact with the general public; and provides the City the opportunity to engage with its’ citizens on environmental & recycling issues.


The South Site development provides the new municipal Works Yard for the City of Burnaby. This facility is primarily to house the operations for the City’s Engineering – Sanitation and Parks Operations departments.

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