Welcome to Trinca Architecture, a versatile and responsive architectural studio nestled in the heart of Vancouver, BC. With over 25 years of design expertise, our practice showcases a diverse portfolio ranging from elegantly simple to intricately advanced architectural marvels.

At Trinca Architecture, we take great pride in our team’s creative prowess, aligning our expertise to deliver exceptional design solutions across cultural, academic, commercial, institutional, and residential projects.

Our design philosophy revolves around one core principle: understanding the aspirations and needs of those we work with. The key to our success is fostering strong client relationships. Through collaborative efforts and the open exchange of ideas, we ensure that each project aligns with our client’s visions to craft spaces that surpass expectations.

Guided by our commitment to the West Coast style, our design encompasses five principles: integrating with nature, emphasizing craftsmanship, prioritizing sustainability, embracing informality, and celebrating regional identity.

Ultimately, our goal is clear: creating designs that enrich how we live, work, and play.

At¬†Trinca¬†Architecture, we are dedicated to enhancing life’s fabric through insightful and interactive design. Join us as we transform dreams into awe-inspiring spaces that inspire and endure.